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College Placement Program


SAT Preparation and Tutor/Advisory Program


With an emphasis on supporting student athletes in their goal of playing at the college and professional levels, the Bombers program includes SAT prep and a tutoring/advisory program. We sponsor an SAT prep program to all interested players. The program meets twice weekly for two hour sessions, plus weekend practice tests, and is available to all interested players in their junior and senior years. Tutoring takes place at the Fieldston School in the Bronx, which has generously donated its space to our organization.  Scoring well on the SATs gives our players added leverage in the admissions process. Strong SAT scores ensure a higher admission rate for Bombers players. 



Recruiting & Exposure


Our success and reputation attract robust interest from college coaches and professional scouts.  The program's staff provide the Bombers with a network of coaches, scouts, and baseball professionals that is unparalleled.  They advocate for players and work tirelessly to put each player in front of the necessary individuals in order to get our Bombers to the next level.  We have been fortunate to host several Major League teams this year at our Bomberville training facility.


To market and advocate for our players, we create player profiles and send them to the targeted programs and teams. These profiles and videos include batting practice rounds, infield/outfield drills, bullpens, and selected live game footage. It is our goal to provide every Bombers player with as much collegiate and professional exposure as possible.    



Collegiate and Professional Showcases


In addition to the individualized recruiting efforts, we hold showcase events in which college coaches and professional scouts are invited to a Bombers workout.  The format for the showcases is as follows:



2 Day Showcase

Day 1- Skills training and individual evaluation
Day 2- Simulated games



Recruitment Services


Provide video for players to highlight offensive and defensive tools
Marketing package with player profile and evaluation breakdown
Expand a player’s geographic search for schools beyond the northeast
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