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Developing Quality Youth Baseball Since 2011














The academy provides baseball programming to underserved student athletes in and around NYC.  Through professional baseball instruction, academic support, and mentoring programs we enable underserved youth to reach their true potential.  Our programming builds character, life management skills, and strong work ethic among its participants.


The programmatic efforts of Bronx Baseball Dreams focus on building championship caliber major league and college players as well as solid contributors to society.  Our programming includes, but is not limited to:


  • Baseball and softball instruction for all levels of youth participation for ages 9-17

  • Camps and clinics for skill development of youth in the local community

  • Camps and clinics offered for the development of coaches, umpires, athletic trainers, and scouting theory

  • Educational programs developed in cooperation with the local accredited educational facilities to enhance personal development via individual determination

  • High-level competitive baseball and softball tournaments to further enhance individual and team skill development

  • Organized baseball and softball leagues at appropriate levels to offer the national pastime to different skill levels in the interest of personal growth and skill development

  • Host and partner community events to enhance the growth and development of the nation’s pastime and create a local community involvement





TEAK Summer Institute

ABC Summer Camp

Prep for Prep Summer Program

Kingsbridge Little League

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