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Our teams’ success and reputation help attract robust interest from college coaches and pro scouts. However, many of our players have not been properly prepared for college entrance exams and many are receiving inadequate high school educations. We have identified a large group of kids in need who have a unique talent that would otherwise enable them to go to the college of their choice. Our program creates a strong support network that ensures academic and baseball success.  


We are not only focused on developing high quality baseball players, but more importantly helping our players perform better in school and on college entrance exams.  Our job is to help them overcome the academic barriers in order to achieve their goal of attending and playing baseball for the college of their choice. 


"Bomber Nation" serves as a real-time example of how the proper allocation of resources can level the playing field for an otherwise underserved population. We create personal, collegiate, and professional success for each Bomber player!

Donation Levels



Hall of Fame                                                   $100,000

Full Season Cost of HS Age Team



Hit for the Cycle                                               $50,000

                Full Season of National Tournament Fees



Grand Slam                                                        $25,000

                Full Season Travel Expenses for HS Age Team



Home Run                                                           $15,000

                                 Year Long SAT Prep Program



Triple Play                                                           $10,000

                             Full Set of Uniforms for All Teams



Three Bagger                                                        $5,000

   Free Summer Fitness Program for NYC Underserved Youth



Ground Rule Double                                          $2,500

               25 Hours of Tutoring for College-Bound Players



Line Drive Single                                                 $1,000

                                        Full Season of Team Bats



Base on Balls                                                             $500

                                        Full Season of Team Balls



Sac Bunt                                                                      $100

                                    State of the Art Catchers Mask



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